Monday, 25 May 2015

Crop Tops at Topshop

Before you notice anything, yes I have also included bralets as well as crop tops. So if you are wandering why I named this post the way I did, it's only because I thought it sounded quite fun with the Rhyming words. I may be weird but I'm a sucker for fun, quirky blog post titles.
So I've been loving crop tops lately. Well, actually, ever since they've been trending. So Whilst browsing through the Topshop site, I've noticed that they have so many cute crop tops and bralets with fun, unique prints and cut-out details. So I've decided to pick out my top favourites from their site. My top favourite from here has to be number 5 because of the pretty prints and colours and also number 9, denim with cute cut out details on the side. It also includes other Brands that you can find on the Topshop website, like Motel Rocks. Let me know your favourite? I've added the shopping links to all items below.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday Post: Belly Fat Melting Blueberry Smoothie

Since a lot of you liked my last healthy foods related post, the Tiny Waist Coconut Pancakes, I've decided to share with you all another one of my healthy recipes. This time it's one of my favourite smoothies I've been loving lately. Tastes so good and refreshing, perfect healthy alternative to those sugary drinks. Excess fat around the belly is my worst enemy and I'm sure it is for many girls and boys. The ingredients I've used are great for targeting unwanted excess fat around the mid section. And just a little reminder, in order for any of these healthy recipes to work on your body, it requires healthy eating throughout the day, not only one meal of the day.

1 cup frozen Blueberries (or fresh berries with added ice cubes) - Increases metabolism and have proven to melt fat
1/2 cup Greek Yoghurt - For the creamy texture. Rich in calcium which targets belly fat
1 Cup fresh water
1 Tbsp Chia Seeds - Rich in Omega 3 fats, which decrease stress hormones, and stress is one of the main causes of excess belly fat.

Throw all the ingredients into a blender and start blending until smooth. And then enjoy!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Embrace your Summer Glow with 'Whites' on a Budget

Your probably thinking why am I posting this when the weather here in the UK is barely warm and even when it is warm, it barely lasts. But Summer is almost here and yes we can still dream of that weather right now. And it's better to shop for the summer outfits before it's all gone. Summer is the time where wearing white really helps to enhance your natural tan and makes you look like a Greek goddess. It is an easy colour to pull off during the summer because looking pale in the Summer months is the last thing any girl wants, so why not embrace your tan by wearing White. So I've picked a few cute, inexpensive items that I've been loving. I've added the shopping links to all items below.

8) Unfortunately Out of Stock, similar alternative HERE

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Outfit: Playful Check Print

A quick post today featuring these adorable co-ords that I recieved a few days ago from a new fashion boutique. They have a lot of adorale peices so do check out their site for more cute items. I love how co-ords are still trending as I am a huge fan of co-ords. But this one is a little different to the usual co-ords I go for. Something more casual and cute which can easily be dressed up or down. And to go with the casual look, I paired it with these super comfy slip-ons.

What I'm Wearing
*Two-piece: c/o 48Gray
Shoes: Topshop

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Letter to my Teenage Self

Now that I am in my early 20's, looking back at my teenage years have made me realise things that I regret. Not only fashion and beauty related but others aswell like the things I used to do at school or even outside school. This may be helpful or or little lesson if you are at that age now. So here is a whole list of things that I would tell teenage self.

1) Never, ever use black eyeliner to fill in your brows. Yes it will grab peoples attention, but not in a good way.

2) Remember to brush your hair before heading out anywhere. No, a messy, knotty, tangled hair is not really a good look or in my teen world, it's not the so on trend 'volumised Cheryl Cole hair'.

3) Unblended, bright green eyeshadow to match with your green outfit is the worst makeup mistake you could ever make. Just don't do it. Stick with the neutrals and invest in a proper blend brush instead of using your fingers.

4) Remember to condition your hair after shampooing. You wouldn't want your hair to look like a dried up witches broom stick.

5) Cutting your own hair is a big no no! Stay away from the scissors! When you look back at your teen photo's you will cringe when you see the horrible haircut create by yourself. And even worse, it's part of my family photo which has been up on my wall for years. Just as a little reminder to my little cousins when they come around.

6) Stop wasting up your savings on rainbow candy sticks and £1 fries and use it for what I really need, like a good concealer to cover them teen spots and some good clothes.

7) Buy clothes that actually fit you and don't buy something that is 3 times larger than your size just because you couldn't find it in your size, and then end up having to add a handful of pins to it.

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