Saturday, 2 May 2015

Insta Life Lately #2

Hi guys, Hope you all are having a great long 3 day weekend so far. Here are a few pictures I've been posting lately on my Instagram. My week has been the usual, nothing special really. Isn't it annoying how one week the weather is so beautiful and then the next so gloomy and all you feel like doing is curling up in bed with a big cuppa hot chocolate. This is why I should make the most of the sunny hot days before it goes away too soon.

1) Have a slight obsession with lace up heels lately. All are from Public Desire
2) Under the blossom Tree. Lace up shoes are from New Look
3) My Cat doing what she does best: being cute
4) New Lippy phone case from a local gadget case store

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Outfit: Pink and Grey

A quick outfit post today. You may have noticed already from this post and my previous outfit post, that I have shooted these pictures in a new location. This is meant to be a temporary location since the other bedroom is getting redecorated, and dad decided to move all the boxes into my room while that room is getting redone. But on second thoughts, I'm actually kinda liking this new location. So I may continue to post outfit pictures in this location from now on.

What I'm Wearing
Top: (Out of stock, selling on my Depop: user name Nivii06)

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Top Picks: Sunglasses on a Budget

Now that Summer is nearly here, it's time to start searching for the perfect pair of Shades. I don't just like to wear sunglasses to protect my eyes, but I like to use it as an added accessory to my outfit. I would love to splurge on a pair of Celine Sunglasses, but I'm the sort of person that tends to break my sunglasses very often. So for those who would like the perfect pair of Sunglasses on a budget I've selected a few that I've been loving varying from different styles such as; cat eye, circle lens, mirrored frames, aviator etc. Let me know your favourite. Which one is your favourite style?

4) Pink Contrast Rim Aviator (More colours available!)

Monday, 27 April 2015

Outfit: Stripes and Maxi

Now it's that time of year where us girls love to start flaunting those legs again. I'm not a fan of wearing jeans and trousers during the Spring season although unbelievably I used to hate wearing anything that would show off my legs. Hard to imagine as I cannot stop buying skirts and dresses now. I love how this side split maxi skirt has this zip detailing giving it a fierce look. I would also pair this with a faux leather biker jacket. Or for the Summer months, you could pair it with a lace crop top.

What I'm Wearing
Top: Topshop (similar here)

Saturday, 25 April 2015

5 Simple Blogging Tips for Beginners

If I got a £1 for the number of times I recieved messages asking me for blogging tips for starting up a new blog, I think I would probably be rich now... just kidding. No but seriously, this question has been thrown at me many times through my social media platforms. Now I ain't no pro blogger or an expert in HTML, but I just decided to created a blog post to share with you all a few simple tips for those who have just started blogging or those who are thinking of starting a blog in the future some time. There are many tips available but this is what I've been doing to get to where I am now in the blogging world and which you could do too. I hope you find this helpful.

Take good Pictures
By this, I don't mean go out and invest on a DSLR camera. I don't even use a DSLR for my blg pictures, as you could probably already tell by the quality of mine, eeek! But to take good pictures, I would suggest using natural lighting. Even the quality of the camera on an iPad is good enough. I use the camera on my iPad for some posts. And don't forget to edit your pictures using good editing Apps or Software. Editing may sound boring and a lot of time and effort, but trust me, it makes a lot of difference in the quality of the pictures.

Be Social
I can't stress enough how important it is to have social media platforms. There are a vast amount of social media platforms to choose from, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. but choose wisely and choose the ones that you know would suit your blog well. Even if you are not a Twitter or an Instagram person, you won't regret it once you get into the hang of using it. This is where you will be able to promote your blog to your readers and also get noticed by brands as well which is great if you would love to work with brands in the future.

Have a good blog Layout
A blog with a bright pink background and Orange coloured text will put off the readers. Make sure you have a clean tidy blog layout without so much going on. Keep it simple. Make is easy to navigate around and have buttons to enable your readers to follow you. Because you would want to keep your readers coming back to your blog.

Stay Organised 
When having a blog, working part time and also studying, it can be easy to get off track and start finding excuses to blog later or procrastinate with blogging. This is a habit that a lot of beginners do, including me. It's okay to take some time off from blogging when you need it, but I would recommend posting 2-3 times a week would be good enough. And to do this I recommend planning your days ahead and keeping a diary. I would plan my days atleast 2 weeks in advance which will prevent you from finding excuses and motivate you to blog more.

Be Yourself, Don't Compare
It is easy to compare yourself to other bloggers. I believe this is everyone's weakness. We're all humans and it's normal to compare yourself to others. But comparing will only make it harder for yourself. You just need to know that Everyone is different in their own way. Something that I've learnt through blogging is to look at the positive things about your life, and start each day with a positive thought. It makes a lot of difference and it has also changed the way I feel about myself. And blog about things you would want to blog about. Don't blog about something just because some other blogger wrote a blog post about it and it was popular, so you decide to write a similar post. This will only make blogging feel like a chore instead of a hobby.

Hope these simple tips helped you all and good luck with your new blogging life!
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